This project is intended to create both a strong public awareness of the issues, concerns, stories and histories of places, and capture the essence of the sentiments and memory-associations residents of a locale make with buildings and urban spaces.

Convinced that the internet is a very efficient means to disseminate information, Neighbourhood Diaries creates an archive of tightly edited short films, write-ups and photo documentation.

The hope is that we are able to not just document and capture fast disappearing histories, stories and memories of places and people, but also initiate a genuine interest amongst residents in preserving and sharing them. Perhaps this might lead to more active engagement with their neighbourhood and participate in protecting what remains of their rich urban history.

We kick-started this project through a series of 6 films on Whitefield generously funded by INTACH, UK Chapter and routed by INTACH, Karnataka.

Neighbourhood Diaries is visualised as a partnership between Saythu founded by Krupa Rajangam working in the conservation architecture space and Jaaga founded by Archana Prasad and Freeman Murray and dedicated to using the power of digital media technologies. Both organizations are keenly interested in generating public awareness of stories and issues around the city’s socio-cultural heritage.