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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Archana and friends ~ I am not merely impressed, I am so grateful that you have initiated this project. As a long time Bangalorean and someone who feels for it, warts and all, I am really delighted. Can I invite you to come and visit our home and small lane of Sr.Mark’s Road which will perish in 2013 due to the inevitablity of development? Our family has lived in this cottage for almost 80 years and it has played host to some many people, events and historic moments. Who will know or pay heed once it is gone?
    with love and warmth,

  2. Hi Krupa,
    My daughter and I were at the Whitefield walk you took last week. We thoroughly enjoyed that. Which is how I discovered neighbourhood diaries–a fabulous project! and which reminded me of a story that appeared in this May’s issue of Caravan (which u’ve probably already read)…”Ganga Building Chronicles’ by Prasad Shetty…a fictionalised history of a Bombay chawl …if u haven’t read it, it’s just up ur street…pretty much what u’ve done with whitefield.
    bye and rgds, Kavitha

    • Hi Kavitha,
      You must be the same person I knew going by the photos on the web.
      Give me a buzz – 9900244192 – would be great to reconnect after all these years !

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