Blackpally Events


29th NOV 2013
Inaugural screening of new episode  of Blackpally Diaries ‘House of Ally’
Mohammed Ali Hall, Shivajinagar
Introduction to the place and project – Krupa Rajangam
Screening of ‘Lost Sequel’ – our first instalment of Blackpally Diaries
Screening of ‘Trade-Off?’ – our second instalment
Screening of ‘House of Ally’ – our focus of the evening
Meet Film-maker Clemence Barret after the screenings


5th Oct, 2013 & 5th Sep, 2012

Heritage walk through the neighbourhood for masters students of L’Ecole de Design Nantes Atlantique by Krupa Rajangam, focus on transculturalism.


28th Apr, 2012
Neighbourhood Diaries presents its next episode of the Blackpally Diaries chapter

‘TRADE – OFF?’ A short film on Russel Market

28th April 2012 7:00pm sharp at Russel Market, Shivajinagar

Introduction to the place and project – Krupa Rajangam
Screening of ‘Lost Sequel’ – our first instalment of Blackpally Diaries
Screening of ‘Trade-Off?’ – our focus of the evening
Meet Film-maker Clemence Barret after the screenings

One of the few remaining historic covered markets of Bangalore, a recent fire that destroyed a section of the market has brought it into public focus. BBMP would like to demolish the structure and re-use the site for a mall while traders have gone ahead and restored it.

The stand-off between authority and traders and the discussion on whether this site is heritage or not remain – So will the rebirth of the market prove to be temporary? Well, thats not what Parvez, a 4th generation market vendor feels – he remains optimistic about its future while telling us the story of the market…

This film is part of a larger idea  “Neighbourhood Diaries”…stories and histories of neighbourhoods – short films that describe a neighbourhood’s tangible and intangible heritage, its significant socio-cultural centers and their present relevance or otherwise through personal narratives.

Shivajinagar or Blackpally was a barren region when Kempegowda founded modern Bangalore. The first settlers in the area were farmers and it is believed that the name Blackpally came from the bili akki (white rice) that they grew in their fields.

As the British Cantonment was established to its south and east, Blackpally gradually became a native settlement servicing the needs of ‘native’ residents. Interestingly, the bazaar became popular with the Europeans as well, as they couldn’t resist the possibility of finding a bargain!

Though much has altered now, Russel Market is still the main market, opposite one can still see the spires of St Mary’s Basilica. Numerous stalls and different kinds of bazaars, co-exist, along with the shop houses. Beside these remain lone remnants of typologies like the mews, choultries (community halls), cinemas and hospitals, which once served the influx of visitors and residents alike. All are now united in their struggle for existence and relevance.


23rd JANUARY 2012

Join us for the premiere of Lost Sequel and Artist Portraits
, two new chapters of NEIGHBOURHOOD DIARIES

Lost Sequel

On 29th Dec 2011, Elgin Talkies in Shivajinagar joined the ranks of Bangalore’s ever expanding list of lost heritage as it quietly changed hands and closed without a murmur.

We understand that the new owners propose to demolish the structure and replace it with a wedding hall. Luckily, the old owner agreed to let us film the cinema’s last week, though he didn’t want any publicity whatsoever during the transition period. Lost Sequel traces Elgin’s story and raises questions about privately owned heritage. Though we planned to document Shivajinagar at a later date, it will be the first episode of Blackpally Diaries.

Malleswaram People Portraits

The team is currently working towards Malleswaram Diaries, which is being launched with People Portraits – 3 short portraits of contemporary artists and Malleswaram residents – Vasundhara Das, Abhijeet Tambe and Geeta and Gopal Navale. Each describing their connection to the neighbourhood and how Malleswaram has shaped their artistic careers.

7:00 to 7:15pm: Launch Neighbourhood Diaries 2 new chapters + overview of project by Krupa Rajangam
7:20 to 7:40pm: Screening of Lost Sequel (Blackpally Film, 10.5 mins) + 3 Malleswaram films (6 mins)
7:40 to 8:00pm: Open for Qs on Films (Clemence Barret/KrupaRajangam/Archana Prasad)
8 to 8:15pm: Coffee Break
8:20 to 8:35pm: Jaaga New Directions – Archana Prasad
8:40 to 8:55pm: Launch Jaaga U launch by Freeman Murray
8:55 to 9:10pm: Intern Showcase by Jools Turrell
9:10 to 9:30pm: Open for Qs on internship at Jaaga