Whitefield – what kind of image would this name evoke? most likely IT – a glass and steel building, the Technology Park or maybe even the Sai Baba Ashram, anything but a village. Well, Whitefield or rather the old settlement of that name certainly qualifies as a village and a lost one at that.
Its history dates back to 1882 when David Emmanuel Starkenburgh White decided to set up ‘a self sufficient Anglo-Indian village, one where everyone would work towards the common good’ and the Maharajah of Mysore was kind enough to donate land to the (Anglo-Indian) Association, founded by White.
White, visiting today would not be able to recognise the place. In a little more than one hundred years his Utopia – a self sufficient village has transformed into an upmarket suburb of the city, one that generally does not recognise the existence of this unique enclave – the price of ill planned urbanisation.
Development is inevitable especially in a locality like Whitefield with its present day ‘desirable tag’. So should we be happy to just live with memories or should we make some efforts to retain the last vestiges of tangible heritage as well?


Co-ordination & Research
Krupa Rajangam

Film maker
Clemence Barret