Whitefield Films


Circle Without Circle – An introductory episode with different people’s take on Whitefield – what the name and place means to them. We see it as a preamble to the other films.

Church Tales – Maggie, long term resident of old Whitefield, reminisces about her personal link with Memorial Church – once the centre of village life. She narrates stories and anecdotes related to it and tells us of the imminent threat of demolition that looms over this important cultural hub.

The Past is a Foreign Country – J E Giddens, one of the oldest Anglo-Indian residents of Whitefield, talks to us about his take on the change and transformation of Whitefield. He is pragmatic, some one who prefers to live in the present rather than worry about what might have happened.

Time Capsule – Vivian D ‘Souza, another long term resident talks about Waverley – once the village Inn and now a lone bungalow in the midst of the onrush of newer developments. He shares his struggle to maintain the place and its character because for him man is defined by his past.

Those Were the Days – Christa Moss narrates her nostalgic poem on Whitefield. She and her husband Lionel, express their regret that the ‘good old days’ of Whitefield are gone.

The Whitefield Tea Party – Our contributors and key residents of the original settlement of Whitefield get together to discuss this series of films and the neighbourhood’s future, given the rapid urbanisation that it has seen and will continue to witness.

3 thoughts on “Whitefield Films

  1. Wonderful verbal documentary of Whitefield. Enjoyed it a great deal. Some of the testimonials were from “recent” settlers in Whitefield. The way Whitefield was in the 50’s and 60’s was truly wonderful. Congratulations.
    Hope there are many more additions to come to this Blog.
    Ray D’Silva ( Whitefield resident 1955 to 1972).

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