17-19 Jul 2014, AAS in Asia 2014, International conference ‘Asia in Motion: Heritage and Transformation’, invited panelist on the IIAS panel ‘Creative Communities and Urban Regeneration’ – case study of Whitefield.

11-13 Jul 2014, University of York-ICOMOS 2014, International conference ‘Engaging Communities’, paper comparing Neighbourhood Diaries and Nakshay and the impact and learnings from both.

18-19 Apr 2012, Pracheen Tattva, MSRIT, National conference on Architectural Heritage Conservation and Management, Invited talk by Krupa Rajangam on ‘Heritage and Communities-conserving whose past for whose future?’ based on the Neighbourhood Diaries experience on the difficulties in understanding and interpreting ‘community value’ of heritage.

02-04 May 2012, UMass-CHS 2012, International conference paper presentation, ‘Digitial Technology and Intangible Heritage-case study: Whitefield Anglo-Indian settlement’ by Krupa Rajangam analyses the Whitefield Diaries project and the role of technology in presenting and interpreting intangible heritage.

07-08 Apr 2011, IAAH 2011, International conference paper presenation, ‘Whitefield – an important but forgotten chapter of India’s colonial heritage’ by Krupa Rajangam on the findings of her research project to establish the settlement’s significance.

Mar 2011, Vol 27, Issue 1,89-110, South Asian Studies – peer reviewed journal of British Association of South Asian Studies,‘Whitefield – an important but forgotten chapter of India’s colonial heritage’ by Krupa Rajangam presents an analysis of the settlement’s planning and design.

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